CSA & Produce Sales

Here’s what we are currently planning

Beets, Cabbage, Flowers, Kale, Lettuce, Onions, Potatoes, Radish, Rhubarb, Spinach, Turnips, Peas and more…..

Please contact us if you are interested in joining our CSA  in 2018.  We have a limited number of spaces left.   

   In past years we were able to provide a good variety and quantity to our share members.  Here is the list of what we were able to provide in 2016.  Ken is still working on getting the 2017 data updated, will post when ready. 

  Please take time and research if prepaying for a share of vegetables is a good option for you.

Here is a link to our contract for 2018. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 6.22.57 AM

 The following tax rates will be applied (0.50% Jefferson County and 3.46% City of Arvada)  so the Totals will be the round numbers that match on the contract.    ie: Regular Share = $75 deposit or $350 Total, Double Share = $100 deposit or $600 Total (actually $599.99 because of how PayPal rounds)


Why A CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's a partnership between the consumers of food and the farmers who grow the food. The consumer benefits by receiving a share of the fresh, local produce from a farm that is supported by the capital provided by the consumer before the growing season begins. In most traditional agricultural business models, the farmer must provide the capital up front then hope the crop yields enough to cover expenses at the end of the year. With a CSA the consumers share the risk of uncertain environmental conditions while also benefiting from a bumper crop when the season is ideal. Consider a CSA share an investment. A contribution to the farm yields a dividend of produce. 

Pioneer Farmsteaders has chosen to add a CSA component to our business model because we want to connect with a core group of customers and share the experience of our farm with them, along with providing produce. While farm work is not required to be a share member, we do invite and encourage everyone to visit us at the farm at weekly pick ups and on days in between. Watch pumpkins develop from blossoms to fruit. Listen to the bees hum. Smell the herbs and flowers. Truly know where your food comes from. 

Pioneer Farmsteaders uses organic growing methods and sources our seeds from companies that have signed the Council for Responsible Genetics Safe Seed Pledge ensuring our produce is GMO free.  We will also have fresh produce for sale weekly at the garden for those who want to buy occasionally or supplement their regular grocery purchases.  

Please send us a note on the Contact Us page if any of this interests you so we can make sure you are kept informed.   

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