About Us

Pioneer Farmsteaders, LLC is a business venture owned by the wife & husband team of Rebecca and Ken Anderson of Arvada. Rebecca and Ken grew up in Kansas and Nebraska and are 5th and 4th generation farmers. We have been honing our gardening skills and adapting a lifetime of gardening experiences to the challenges of growing in Front Range soil and weather conditions. For the past eight years we have participated in community gardens, gardened in our backyard, taken educational courses and volunteered on several Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) farms in the area.

Ken and I snowshoeing Sunday

Rebecca and Ken Anderson incorporated Pioneer Farmsteaders, LLC on February 11, 2014 as an education-focused organization with the goal to inspire the citizens of Arvada to be actively engaged in their surroundings leading to improved neighborhood and community vitality. Through a combination of classroom teaching and hands-on discovery at the farm, students of all ages will be introduced to concepts central to a mid-twentieth century ideal of self sufficiency with modern emphasis on ecology and sustainability.


Pioneer Farmsteaders, LLC currently offers classes in partnership with the Majestic View Nature Center and other public and private organizations. Classes include options for adults, children and families. Topics range from horticultural subjects to animal care and husbandry to home skills focusing on energy saving techniques. The leased property (approximately 7000 Garrison) is cultivated to provide a location for hands-on learning while also growing fresh produce and flowers for sale and donation. The owners of Pioneer Farmsteaders believe in the benefits of sourcing food locally and endeavor to keep the core of its customer base here in Arvada. Pioneer Farmsteaders also donates to the local food bank and similar chartible organizations when surplus crops are harvested.

Agri-Business Philosophy

Rebecca and Ken are both alumni of FFA, an agriculture based high school and collegiate organization. Our philosophy was deeply influenced by the FFA Creed. We “believe in the future of agriculture” and that working on a farm is “pleasant as well as challenging”. We want to grow as productive citizens and to serve the “public interest in producing and marketing the produce of our toil.” We see ourselves as stewards of the land, with the desire to leave the soil we till in better condition than when we started. We emphasize organic techniques, both in our production systems and in the classes we teach. We understand the costs of agriculture endeavors and strive to keep our expenses reasonable so that we can provide healthy, local produce to an economically diverse clientele while also being profitable to support our own household.

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