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Thank you to everyone who volunteered and supported us again this year.  The field is resting while Beckie and Ken are busy making plans for next spring.  See you in 2017.


The chickens are very busy laying eggs at the farm now!    


Welcome to our third season growing vegetables on City owned open-space in Arvada.   

Everything we sell, we have personally planted, grown and harvested with the help of our excellent volunteers.  It is all grown LOCALLY right here in Arvada using organic methods, free of pesticides and herbicides.   

Here is the link to our 2016 End of Year Report.  Last year we exceeded our goals and grew almost 2 tons of vegetable!  Thanks to everyone for their support.    Ken is working on tabulating all of the harvest sheets and will update the 2016 results soon:)


Our Percheron draft horses, Pete & Caine, are back in the field again.  This week they prepared the soil for Onion planting.  They can work even when it is too wet for other equipment.



In 2015 bees were installed in our newly decorated hives.  Thanks to our friends at Hearts ’n’ Hands Work Enrichment, our bees have very unique homes.  UPDATE: One of those hives from last year successfully overwintered and we were able to "split" the hive into two very healthy colonies!!! 

In 2015 the Community Farm Development Initiative (CFDI) provided funding to help us install beehives, set up our bee yard and observation area.  We provide educational opportunities and maintain the hives. 

Project Background: On September 22, 2014 the City of Arvada approved our proposal for an Agricultural Lease for approximately 2 acres at the historic Kennedy Farm Property  at 7000 Garrison Street!   We are excited to continue farming on this historic Arvada property to produce LOCAL FOOD :)

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 6.19.52 AM

Learn more about the Majestic View Nature Center and get information about upcoming classes.  

Here is a link to the original 1998 Majestic View Community Park Master Plan.  This document gives a little history of the property and why we now have the opportunity to grow vegetables on City owned land.  

The Agricultural Lease at the Kennedy Farm Property also serves to fulfill a goal set by the Arvada Sustainability Advisory Committee.  The committee is served by citizens of Arvada appointed by the City Council.  One of the goals under the Community Vitality category is to “Encourage more community based agriculture within the City of Arvada”  

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